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Hi, I’m Nene!


 I'm confident, a big thinker, a hype queen, and a go-getter, but it wasn't always that way. I was shy, insecure, and self-conscious because of my birthmark and dyslexia. 

Now I'm on a journey of personal growth and passionate about helping other introverted women find their inner voice to match their outer life. I want them to know that their voice matters, and it's their time to own it. 

I also am a wife and mother of four boisterous boys; they keep me busy, and I get tired, but I still find joy in the little things like dancing when I hear music. It's like an anchor for me, and I can dance in my head with a straight face. 

I'm here to bring the realness, the inspiration, and the smiles. But most importantly, I'm here to help introverted women find their voice and fully own it.


About Nene!


Nene Ekufu is an international speaker, Self-Love and Confidence Coach, Law of Attraction Coach and certified Elite Neuroencoding Specialist dedicated to helping introverted women find their inner voice to match their outer life. 

Through her work, she guides her clients to reconnect with the core of their inner being, become more confident, and show up authentically in the world.   

Nene helps her clients develop a stronger sense of self-belief, silence their inner critic, and empower themselves to live fulfilling lives on their own terms. Her work has gained recognition globally, and she even interpreted for the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II when she opened a new hospital in London.   

Nene believes in the power of the mind and the ability of each individual to create the life they desire. She is passionate about helping introverted women find the courage to express their inner voice and live their best life.

More about me


One-On-One Coaching

I aim to help introverted women find their inner voices to match their outer life. With my help, you will gain clarity and courage to overcome your fears and doubts, gain confidence, and find the strength to start living the life you always dreamed of.

Together, we will work on finding ways for you to take control of your life, discover your unique potential and live life on your own terms.   

If you are ready to take the leap and start living a life of purpose, joy, and confidence, book a free discovery call with me today and let's begin the journey together.

One-to-one Coaching for Interpreters! 

With over 24 years of experience in the Deaf Community and almost a decade as a registered Sign Language Interpreter, I am here to help you reach the next level of success. 

Through this Coaching, you will learn to build confidence in your skills and overcome Imposter Syndrome. 

Together, we will create a plan tailored to the individual needs that will enable you to take the necessary steps to reach your goal and ensure your success.

The Voice Within Unlocking Your Inner Strength Through Group Coaching.

Are you an introverted woman looking to find your inner voice to match your outer life? We have the perfect solution for you! Our upcoming group coaching container is designed to help introverted women gain the self-love and confidence they need to live their best lives.   

I understand introverts' unique challenges and will help you get to the root of your challenges. Through our carefully crafted curriculum, you'll learn how to break through your self-limiting beliefs, practice self-care, and use your voice to express yourself in a true way. 

Every introverted woman has the power to live a life of purpose and fulfilment, and we're dedicated to helping you unleash your inner voice and get the most out of your life. Don't miss out! Join our waiting list today and be the first to know when our group coaching container is available. So unleash your inner voice and start living your best life!