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Hi, I’m Nene!


Nene Ekufu is a Self-Love and Confidence Coach, an international speaker who works with Introverted women who don't want everyone to know about their business. At the same time, they want to show up; however, they have no confidence in themselves, and your inner critical voice is overwhelming.



About Nene!


I’ve been a hairstylist for the last 5 years, but it wasn’t until I took the leap and started running my own salon that I felt successful in my business. Now I’m empowering others through online courses to do the same.


More about me


One-On-One Coaching

Investing in a life coach takes COURAGE. Investing in a life coach like me takes even more COURAGE, because you have to TRUST in yourself and put in the work to make that change. I'm not here to fix you, push you or drag you anywhere. I am simply here to guide you, support you and collaborate with you every step of the way providing a loving, safe, and non-judgmental space in which you will grow...BUT you need to be willing to see yourself make the climb...step by step.

Effectively Manage Stress & Overwhelm Online Course

This online course takes the you through six different methods and techniques to effectively handle stress. We will work on building your resiliency and ability to face adversity. Reflection on how you have reacted facing past adversity and learning how to handle it in the future are all ways to grow one's resilience factor. Each lesson includes an introductory video along with downloadable worksheets. You will create your own resilience blueprint to finally feel like you had your stressors under control.

Nene Online Course

This online course is designed as a jump-off point for those who want to begin to reset their mindset and behavior patterns and learn to re-identify with their inner confidence so they can be less stressed and overwhelmed in their need to please. 

You'll have 24/7 anytime access so you can reconnect with yourself whenever works with your schedule. 

Paying it

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